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Paragon City Games is becoming the center for gaming culture. Through exclusive events and tournaments, a partner media program, and an ever-increasing selection of locally produced and nationally recognized products we are building a community of passionate people who love their games and want to share them with the world.

How does it work? Bring your friends and/or enemies to our store in Draper, Utah, just a few minutes from Salt Lake City, and enjoy the biggest Magic: The Gathering and other game events that the valley has to offer. We specialize in hosting tournaments and other events for board and tabletop games that are engaging enough to be considered spectator- worthy. You’ll love the pulse-pounding atmosphere that we’ve created for our players to engage one another in Magic: The Gathering combat along with other popular games. Our stores feature a wide variety of upgrades and accessories for your favorite hobbies. Also, our events and tournaments are live-streamed on popular social networks to make your wins as epic as you always dreamed. So, jump in a vehicle and drive down to Paragon City Games in Draper, Utah, which is fast becoming the premiere tabletop and card competition experience for the Salt Lake City metro area. Also, bear in mind that we have over 760,000 Magic: The Gathering trading cards to power your decks, and inspire fear in your enemies.

We want to immediately reward the members of our community who go out of their way to shop at our store, and provide a way for you to be personally invested in helping us grow. Memberships are designed to help us purchase product in bulk and pay for celebrity events while making sure that we keep our lights on. The more often you want to participate, the more we want to reward you- so each level of membership includes additional perks and discounts to make sure that you are getting the most value back in your pocket. Thank you for supporting us in remaining debt free!