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Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior - Unlimited


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Collector Number: OP10-EN004
Rarity: Super Rare
Card Type: Effect Monster
Monster Type: Spellcaster
Attack: 1600
Defense: 1000
Description: When this card is Normal Summoned: Place 2 Spell Counters on it. When this card is Pendulum Summoned: Place 3 Spell Counters on it. This card gains 400 ATK for each Spell Counter on it. You can remove 1 Spell Counter from this card, then target 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field; destroy that target. You can only use this effect of "Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior" once per turn.
Official Tournament Stores must review their Konami OTS agreement before selling this product.
Attribute: DARK


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