Paragon City Games

Starter Deck: Wolves of the Raging Flames

Azazel, the Blazing Charger - Foil - Out of StockBammoo, the Raging Fire Beast - Out of StockBoiling Blood - Out of StockCharger of Asakna - Out of StockEfreet, the Blazing Elemental - Out of StockEnlarge Body - Out of StockFantian-Huaji, the Pyre - Foil - Out of StockFire Magic Stone - Out of StockFireball - Out of StockParrot Dragon - Out of StockPrepare to Fall Together - Out of StockRegulus, the King of Volcano - Foil - Out of StockSabretooth Tiger - Out of StockShock Troop of Asakna - Out of StockSuicidal Troop of Asakna - Out of StockUshuah, the Flame Samurai Swordman - Foil - Out of StockWyvern of Mount Olga - Out of Stock