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The Shaft of Light of Valhalla

Aegir, the Sea God of the Tempest - Foil - Out of StockAncient Dragon - Foil - Out of StockAngrboda, the Sunset Giant - Foil - Out of StockArmaros, the Fallen Angel of Negating - Out of StockAslan - Foil - Out of StockAthenia, the Wind Master // Frigg, the Goddess of Abundance - Foil - Out of StockAttendant of Asakna - Out of StockBalder, Light God of the White Heaven - Foil - Out of StockBarbed Volcano Scorpion - Out of StockBergelmir, the Giant of Absolute Coldness - Foil - Out of StockBind of Silence - Out of StockBogallo, the Lava Giant - Foil - Out of StockBreath of God - Foil - Out of StockBrunhild, the Valkyrie - Foil - Out of StockCaith Sith Roo, the Caller of Miracles - Out of StockCaith Sith Roun, the Weaver of Miracles - Out of StockCaith Sith Township - Out of StockCannonneer of Asakna - Foil - Out of StockClose Encounters - Out of StockCommedia Erudita - Out of StockCrime of Wave and Abandon - Out of StockCrypt of Strustu - Out of StockCu Sith Rey, the Carrier of Miracles - Out of StockCursed Doll of the Mourning Witch - Out of StockCyclops, the One-eyed Giant - Out of StockDarkness Magic Stone - Out of StockDeath, the Pope of Nether - Out of StockDemon Crusader - Out of StockDevotion for Sound and Heat - Out of StockDisappear Magic - Out of StockDragonflame - Out of StockDraupnir, Brace of Twin Magic - Foil - Out of StockDwarven Craftsman - Out of StockDwarven Magical Mine - Out of StockEletos, the Granite Giant - Foil - Out of StockEmpusa, the Temptation - Out of StockEncode Gimmick - Out of StockEuridice - Out of StockEvergreen Sentinel - Out of StockFafnir - Foil - Out of StockFairy Dragon of Beryl - Foil - Out of StockFire Magic Stone - Out of StockFlame Entertainer // Salamander - Foil - Out of StockFlame Snake of Manipulation - Out of StockFlaming Scheme - Out of StockFrey, the Noble God of Sunshine - Foil - Out of StockFreya, Goddess of the full moon - Out of StockFruits of Dawn - Foil - Out of StockGarm, the Ashen Black - Out of StockGauguin's Studio - Foil - Out of StockGriffon - Foil - Out of StockGuerrilla Solider of Asakna - Out of StockGungnir, the Holy Spear - Foil - Out of StockHead of Mimir - Foil - Out of StockHermod, Nether God of the Dark Heaven - Foil - Out of StockHoenir, the Bishop God // Odin, the Ruling God - Foil - Out of StockHydra - Foil - Out of StockInferno of Muspell - Foil - Out of StockKnight of the Barbaric Axe - Foil - Out of StockKnight of the Tough Shield - Foil - Out of StockKnight of the Twin Swords - Foil - Out of StockKosetsu, Katana of Chikuzen - Out of StockKriti, the Water Element - Out of StockKvesa Gardula - Foil - Out of StockLailah, the Maiden of the Fountain // Nymph (J) - Out of StockLaurier, the Twilight Witch // Shade - Out of StockLight Magic Stone - Out of StockLight of Truth - Foil - Out of StockLive Oak Helm - Out of StockMad Dog of Dichroite - Out of StockMaiden of Yggdrasil - Foil - Out of StockManticore - Foil - Out of StockMead of Knowledge - Out of StockMead of Poetry - Out of StockMedusa, the Evil Eye of Binding - Out of StockMerlin the Wizard of the Round Table - Foil - Out of StockMermaid Weapon - Out of StockMirror of Medusa - Out of StockMithril Armor - Out of StockMithril Sword - Out of StockMjolnir, the Hammer of White Lightning - Foil - Out of StockMonument of Rune - Out of StockMonument of Wisdom // Vafthruthnir, the Frost Giant - Foil - Out of StockMorning Mist - Out of StockMuddle the Ego - Out of StockMumble of Spring Wind - Out of StockMumble of Summer Wind - Foil - Out of StockMutating Potion -Activate Body- - Out of StockNether Fleshpot - Out of StockOrder of Retirement - Foil - Out of StockOrfeo - Out of StockParting Gift to the Dead - Foil - Out of StockPerseus, Divine Blade of the Gleaming Skies - Foil - Out of StockPotion of Compensation - Out of StockPrincess of Dragon Palace - Out of StockPurify Souls - Foil - Out of StockReckless Strength - Out of StockRelic Research Party - Foil - Out of StockRichesse, the Swordsman // Sylph - Out of StockRing of Nibelungen - Foil - Out of StockRio, the Sword Dancer of Crimson Fire - Foil - Out of StockSahriel, the Fallen Angel of Binding - Out of StockSea Monster Zone - Foil - Out of StockSephirothic Tree - Foil - Out of StockShemhaza, the Fallen Angel of Alchemy - Foil - Out of StockSiren of the Stream - Out of StockSister of Linorsphairia // Sol - Foil - Out of StockSleipnir - Foil - Out of StockSmaug - Foil - Out of StockSorcery of Seiz - Out of StockSpell Transcription - Out of StockSpiral Flair - Out of StockSurtr, the Incinerating Giant - Foil - Out of StockSva, the Giant of the Sea Trench - Out of StockTethys, the Wise Goddess - Foil - Out of StockThiessen Gimmick - Out of StockTime of Ragnarok - Foil - Out of StockTinder Kobold Garou - Out of StockTortuga - Out of StockTri, the Mermaid Fencer - Out of StockTribe Gimmick - Out of StockTridacna - Out of StockTroll, the Raging Giant - Out of StockTrou, the Giant of the Fairie's Stronghold - Foil - Out of StockTunnel Vision - Out of StockTwin Blade Skeleton - Out of StockTyr, the Brave War God - Foil - Out of StockUnicorn - Out of StockUtgarda Loki, the Skeletal Giant - Foil - Out of StockWaldkobold Joyy - Out of StockWarder of Light Chain - Foil - Out of StockWater Magic Stone - Out of StockWater Spirit Kris Knife - Out of StockWind Magic Stone - Out of StockWise Elder of Elfheim - Out of Stock