Paragon City Games

The War of Valhalla

Abzu, the Water God of Truth - Out of StockAlberich, the King of Elemental - Foil - Out of StockAllied Force - Out of StockAlseid, the Amorous Spirit - Out of StockAncient Black Knight - Out of StockAngel of Wisdom - Out of StockAngelic Voice - Out of StockAqua Magic -Tempest- - Foil - Out of StockArtemis, the Goddess of Hunt - Foil - Out of StockArwyn, the Queen of Deep Green // Oberon, the Fairy King - Foil - Out of StockBaby Dragon of Asakna - Out of StockBinding Chain - Out of StockBlasting Beetle - Out of StockBless of Jewel Tree - Out of StockBlood Moon - Foil - Out of StockBloodthirst Baron - Out of StockBlue Wizard // Blue Wizard (J) - Out of StockBooby Trap - Out of StockBurning Will - Out of StockButz, the Ebony Knight - Out of StockCarrion Devourer - Out of StockCemetery Rose - Out of StockCerberus, the Nether Watchdog - Out of StockCompensation Warrior - Out of StockCoral Rain - Out of StockCorpse Guard - Out of StockCu Chulainn, the Hero in a Far Land - Foil - Out of StockCulling the Weak - Out of StockCurse of Garheld - Out of StockDagon, the Abomination of the Deep Sea - Foil - Out of StockDainn, the Herald of Beginning - Out of StockDark Sorcerer - Out of StockDeep Forest of Elves - Out of StockDeep Sea Paradise - Foil - Out of StockDemon Lady of Grudge - Out of StockDisappointing Swordsman - Out of StockDragon Zombie, the Necrodragon - Out of StockDullahan, the Death Knight - Out of StockDuneyrr, the Herald of Change - Out of StockDurathror, the Herald of the End - Foil - Out of StockDvalinn, the Herald of Continuation - Out of StockElven Archer - Out of StockElvish Berserker - Out of StockElvish Patrol Soldier - Out of StockElvish Reinforcement - Out of StockElvish Warrior - Out of StockElvish Weaver - Out of StockEnd of Despair - Out of StockEnforcer of Grudge // Enforcer of Grudge (J) - Out of StockEnkidu, the Sworn Friend - Foil - Out of StockExploding Rock Golem - Out of StockFair and Square - Out of StockFamiliar of Hades - Out of StockFirefloor Drake - Out of StockFlaming Art -Ash and Smoke- - Out of StockFlaming Art -Beacon Fire- - Out of StockFlaming Art -Purgatory- - Out of StockFlash of Void - Out of StockForbidden Fruit - Foil - Out of StockForest Guard - Out of StockGae Bolg, the Magic Spear - Foil - Out of StockGarmheld, the King of the Dead // Loki, the Ancient Demon Lord - Foil - Out of StockGear Golem, the Magical Soldier - Foil - Out of StockGhost Swordsman - Out of StockGilgamesh, the Tyrant of the Hunt - Foil - Out of StockGrasp of Life - Out of StockGreen Wizard // Green Wizard (J) - Out of StockGrudge Berserker - Out of StockGuardian Warrior in Flower Garden - Out of StockGugalanna, the Bull of Heaven - Foil - Out of StockHeavy Horseman - Out of StockHeavy Rain of Distress - Out of StockHeithrun, the Goat of Mead - Out of StockHraesvlgr, the Giant Hawk of the Jewel Tree - Out of StockIndigo Siren - Out of StockIshtar, the Great Goddess of Kindness - Foil - Out of StockJabberwock, the Chaotic Disaster - Foil - Out of StockJungle Hunter - Out of StockKamikaze Battery - Out of StockKanna, the Oracle of Flames - Foil - Out of StockKingdom Protection Circle - Out of StockKnight of Honor - Out of StockKukunochi, the Errand of the Jewel Tree - Foil - Out of StockLantern, the Spirit of Grave Keeper - Out of StockLaplace, the Tuner - Out of StockLife Dryad - Out of StockLifesucker - Out of StockLightning Ray - Out of StockMagic Flame - Out of StockMagic Storm - Out of StockMagic Wave - Out of StockMagicsucker Beetle - Out of StockMaid of Siren - Out of StockMarching Band of the End - Out of StockMermaid's Allure - Out of StockMiasma of the Glyph - Out of StockMind Pollution - Out of StockMirage Arowana - Out of StockMonk of Blessing - Out of StockMonk of Kindness - Out of StockMutating Potion -Regenerate- - Out of StockNether Horseman - Out of StockOaken Bow - Out of StockOne Who Reaches to the Sky - Out of StockOrion, the Celestial Hegemon - Out of StockOrpheus, the Nether Player - Foil - Out of StockOsiris, the Nether God of King's Tomb - Foil - Out of StockParadise of the Exiled - Foil - Out of StockPoseidon, the Great Emperor God of Oceans - Foil - Out of StockPouncing Lion - Foil - Out of StockPower of Hatred - Out of StockPredator Anemone - Out of StockPyre Shield - Out of StockQueen's Prayer - Out of StockRambletree - Out of StockRatatoskr, the Messenger of the Jewel Tree - Out of StockReanimated Knight - Out of StockRed Wizard // Red Wizard (J) - Out of StockRevive Gimmick - Out of StockSanctuary of Yggdrasil - Out of StockSariel, the Lord of the End // Diabolos, the Nether Tyrant - Foil - Out of StockSea Serpent in the Storm - Out of StockSealed Circle of Wind - Out of StockSealed Vault - Out of StockShortage of Magic Power - Out of StockSkeleton Horseman - Out of StockSoul Cord - Out of StockSoul Eater - Out of StockSoul Slave - Out of StockSoul Sympathy - Out of StockSpear from God - Out of StockSpecter Circle - Out of StockSpring of Magic Power - Out of StockStab Each Other - Foil - Out of StockSupply Distribution - Out of StockSurging Battle Cry - Foil - Out of StockSurprise Attack - Out of StockSword of Miasma - Out of StockSynchrojamming - Out of StockThe Gate - Out of StockTone Gimmick - Out of StockTrainer of Kings - Out of StockTriumph Gate of Spellproof - Out of StockTsunami Spirit - Out of StockUnreasonable Choice - Out of StockWard of Bramble - Out of StockWater Bubble Robe - Out of StockWhisper of Wind - Out of StockWhite Wizard // White Wizard (J) - Out of StockWight, Fallen King - Out of StockWind Magic Circle -Aura- - Out of StockWoodgardner - Out of StockWrath of the Earth - Foil - Out of StockYggnitsvay, the Guardian of Green Branch - Out of StockYwain, the Knight of Leo - Foil - Out of Stock